July 5, 2017

REITerating our Conviction on High Quality Retail Real Estate: Malls

Stock performance over the long term should be based on fundamentals, but short term performance can be heavily influenced by sentiment.  Nearly impossible to quantify, sentiment can most certainly be felt, seen, and heard.  We believe the recent collapse in mall and shopping center REIT share prices may be the […]
June 1, 2017

Apartment REITs: A Deep Dive into Supply/Demand Forecasting

After 5 years of above average apartment REIT Same Store Revenue (SSRev) growth, concerns of increasing supply in 2016 threatened the outlook for the sector.  As a result, apartments (Bloomberg: FNAPTTR) underperformed the MSCI US REIT Index (Bloomberg: RMS G) by 570 basis points (or bps) in 2016.  Yet, in […]
May 1, 2017

Why Publicly-Traded REITs are Better Than a Cash Cow

The term ‘cash cow’ originates from the incredible investment characteristics of a dairy cow. Despite only needing to feed a cow inexpensive hay, it can produce around 20,000 gallons of milk in a lifetime, and then be sold for meat. Used in a matrix designed by Boston Consulting Group, cash […]
April 1, 2017

Network-Dense Data Center REITs: Future-Proofing Your Portfolio

A lot has happened since we last wrote about data center REITs in December 2013. We believe the space remains undercovered and misunderstood, while strong secular demand shifts will benefit the entire sector over the coming decade. Our research indicates that network-dense data center REITs should continue to grow cash […]
March 1, 2017

Houston Real Estate Primed for a Comeback

Houston is the home of the comeback. In February, Houston hosted Super Bowl LI, in which the New England Patriots trailed by 25 points in the third quarter only to rally back to beat the Atlanta Falcons in dramatic fashion in overtime.  The Super Bowl was a timely example of the […]